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There are a lot of questions concerning the must have software for Windows. Anyone should have a certain list with the main programs which are going to be installed right after the operational system have been renewed and refreshed. These are specific software called "must-to-have" for real among PC owners.

Without having these extremely useful programs around, you're not going to be that satisfied when operating on your computer. Anti-viruses, Anti-Spyware, Firewalls, ITunes, VLC or any other preferred media player, Picasa, Irfan View, Adobe Reader, browsers like Firefox or Google Chrome, Office Pack (Word, Excel, Power Point), Outlook Express or ThunderBird for e-mail services and the list can continue; these are some of the primal software that should help your PC work properly and so become your best companion.

Protection is the most important for any computer connected to the Internet. Definitely, the Anti-Virus is a "must"! There are different products on the market that can secure your machine from Worms, Trojans and hijackers. Another helpful advice is that after installing Zone Alarm, you should make sure that the Windows Firewall is disabled. Some of the more mainstream spyware removers include AdAware, Spybot Search & Destroy and Microsoft AntiSpyware. CCleaner also helps speed up your system. Extra defragmenters, disk-keepers, disk consolidation programs, recovery software and many other maintainers are good to be installed on your computer, for unpredicted emergencies.

Java Software is also a must-to-have for playing YouTube clips and other online movies. Acrobat Reader is necessary for PDF's but you can also go for Cute PDF which is going to help you a lot. Norton Commander can be useful too for moving large files from a directory to, faster and easier. Music players and digital media/podcasting software like iTunes, media players such as VLC, Media Player Classic Homecinema, BSPlayer, Real Player, Winamp etc. are also to be considered. After all there can be no party without this kind of software! Archive operators (.zip, .rar), text editors, image editors (Picasa, Irfan View etc.) are good to have, just because Paint has only basic editing features like crop, resize and a few others that cannot substitute a full professional Photo Editing Pack.

WinRAR and WinZIP are well-needed upgrades for Windows compressed folders. UltraISO or DAEMON Tools are also strong applications for dealing with ISO images. Nero or any other CD-burning programs are highly necessary for writing a compact disk or a dvd on your own. There are several extra software which aren't exactly a must for Windows XP but rather optional: KeePass for keeping a safe password database, Google Earth, Camtasia Studio (excellent screencasting software), video studios, Registry Cleaner, video converters, Power DVD and so on.

From now on, every time you will format your PC, accidentally or not, you'll have the list with all the main applications and software that should be installed on your computer. It is important to permanently keep your machine under protection, set strong filters for suspicious web-sites and put up for de-fragmentation and re-consolidation of your hard-disk once a month. Some specially designed software for maintaining a constant cooler's temperature can also be considered a "must-to-have" program if you care enough for your PC.

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