Top 10 LAN Messengers for Windows

LAN Messenger can facilitate the intercommunication and file transfers anywhere within the network, without the need to connect to the Internet or to a centralized server. The most common LAN Messenger software for Windows are Softros LAN Messenger, Outlook Messenger, Akeni Messenger, BigAnt Messenger, BORGChat, Net-C, Pichat, LanTalkPop Messenger, Bopup Messenger and many others.

1. Softros LAN Messenger Review
The first LAN Instant messaging program that works for all Windows versions is Softros LAN Messenger. This easy-to-use application stands for intra-office communication and doesn't require a server. Softros LAN IM comes with a variety of features such as precise notification alarms, offline messaging, files transfer, remote desktop and a specially designed interface. The program is used for getting in contact with internal users throughout logged chat messages which are going to be archived and viewed anytime you want. All settings can be saved and transferred to another computer when necessary.

Softros LAN messenger
Softros LAN messenger

2. TSR LAN messenger Review
TSR is a quite popular messaging program for small and medium offices. Messaging protocols support the latest cryptography standards and make office communications secure. File sharing support, dynamically adding users to conversations features make this app one of the actual tools for 2019.

TSR LAN messenger

3. Outlook LAN Messenger Review
Outlook LAN Messenger is a messaging platform designed for use within small, medium and corporate office’s local area network. This Intranet useful tool is an ideal replacement for Internet messengers in companies. The messages are completely secure, the chat is exclusively private and so the internal communication in a company or corporation, as well as the relationships among the internal personnel, become closer enough to increase the productivity and keep the balance up in harmony’s favor. Outlook Messenger is compatible with LAN, WAN, VPN, Terminal Services and Sub-Network and works across Windows using the IP protocol.

Outlook LAN messenger

4. Akeni LAN Messenger Review
Akeni LAN Messenger is a different IM system designed for your LAN. It is easy to setup and does not requires a dedicated server or Internet connection. The rich client support chat, notification, message logs, powerful rich-text editor, typing indicator, conferencing and file transfer - these are specific features that bring the best out in Akeni when it comes about dynamic environments for peer-to-peer dual communication, as long as the network keeps running. No snooping allowed! It's perfectly safe and secure to use it and have no worries about the.outsiders.

Akeni LAN messenger

5. BigAnt Messenger Review
BigAnt Messenger is a total instant messaging alternative for enterprise. It includes voip, web conferencing, video chat and many other facilities serving as enterprising solutions. BigAnt supports the collaboration and brings effectiveness into a company or organization, considerably reduces the travel costs and boosts office productivity by reducing the distance barriers all over the world. By using the innovative feature called "Quick send" you can stay in touch with your colleagues and transfer data in no time! The program is packed with features like customized fonts, status and notification options.

BigAnt messenger

6. BORGChat Review
BORGChat is for those who are willing to send instant messages through LAN or WLAN without signing into any mainstream IM service like Yahoo! Messenger. Sharing is easy with BORGChat which doesn't require any setup at all. Just get it into your computer and it's all done. You can now communicate over the LAN, not the Internet. This is not only useful for home-chat but for office work too. Some of the available options allow customization from font size, smileys, chat modes to preferences regarding an intuitive interface. In comparison with other similar LAN messaging services, BORGChat has a message board, allows message filtration but has no encryption and Unicode like BigAnt, for instance.

Borg chat

7. LanTalk NET Review
LanTalk NET is an inexpensive lan messaging tool. No server and no configuration at all! If you are looking to set up IM within your company, you should definitely go for LanTalk NET XP. This is an excellent winpopup substitute with some other unique integrated features. As time is important for everyone around, this software allows you to schedule the time when the message should be send. It can be both sound and visual, including visible lighting down on your keyboard! Rather than gather hundreds of people around for a meeting by making phone calls, any manager can notify the entire personnel in a single "flash", only by pressing a button.

LanTalk Net

8. Winpopup Review
Another successful LAN messenger for Windows is WinPopup which uses SMB/Net BIOS protocol and was initially generated to send and receive short text “pop up” messages. Within Winpopup LAN Messenger, no information ever leaves your local network. It’s safe, easy to use and fun too, because of those pop-up-windows which can actually entertain the user and animate the conversation. Winpopup LAN Messenger supports two types of operation: one with a server and one without.

Winpopup LAN messenger

9. Bopup Messenger Review
Bopup Messenger is a LAN Messenger product designed to communicate over LAN and enterprise-size networks which offers solutions for most of the business needs all over the world. Users can freely organize their personal contact list, detect whoever is online, safely exchange information, deliver and store data and keep the situation under perfect control by accessible monitoring the entire intranet activity within any workplace and location. It has a smart-looking interface and it's extremely easy to work wit, especially because you don't have to manually install it on all user computers.

Bopup messenger

10. Net-C Messenger Review
Net-C is a free opensource multi-platform chat software for LAN. It needs no server (serverless). Smiles, private messaging, user status, group chats, and more!

Net-C messenger

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